Beta 111G Adjustable Spanners with Scales, Chrome Plated with Ergonomic Handle

Product Code : B001110620
Product Brand : Beta Tools
EAN:  8014230680903
£24.00 + VAT
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The 111G Series adjustable spanners from Beta Tools work double duty as a high quality adjustable spanner, and as a quick and rugged caliper! When you tighten the adjustable jaw onto your fastener, the size of the fastener is shown on an etched scale (inches on one side, millimeters on the other). The scale is handy for sizing almost anything when you don't want to use your fragile dial caliper.The chrome plated handle has a black rubberized cover for a comfortable, secure grip.

There are various jaw and length sizes, please refer to the dimension table below and select from the drop down list.  The Beta logo, series number, and overall length in inches and millimeters are cast into the side of the handle for easy identification.   

The Beta 111 and 111G spanners rotate the pin clockwise to tighten.  If you are looking for an anti clockwise (left) rotating spanner please see 111N. 

Meets DIN 3117 and ISO 6787 specifications. 

Dimension Table: