Beta 5980EL/A Assortment of 57 Electronics Tools

Product Code : B059800241
Product Brand : Beta Tools
EAN:  8014230759654
£488.00 + VAT
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Beta 5980EL/A This electrotechnical maintenance tool set from Beta Tools includes 57 carefully selected tools. This set has been designed for use with tool cases 2032/VV, 2033P/VV and 2032/TV.

Why not purchase with a compatible tool kit for a better price! (See related items below)

Assortment includes:
Qty 13 x small double open end wrenches 4÷14 mm
Qty 9 x offset hexagon key wrenches 1,5÷10 mm
Qty 1 x bent point tweezers 130 mm
Qty 1 x straight thin knurled point pin spring tweezers 150 mm
Qty 1 x cross tweezers 155 mm
Qty 1 x electrician's scissors, straight blades, with countersink
Qty 1 x wire stripping pliers 160 mm
Qty 1 x extra long needle knurled nose pliers, bi-material handles 160 mm
Qty 1 x flat nose pliers
Qty 1 x smooth half - round long bent needle nose pliers
Qty 1 x combination pliers
Qty 1 x diagonal flush cutting nippers
Qty 1 x diagonal cutting nippers
Qty 1 x screwholding screwdriver for slotted head screws 4x125 mm
Qty 1 x screwholding screwdriver for cross head Phillips® screws PH0x125 mm
Qty 8 x micro-screwdrivers
Qty 1 x engineer’s hammer 200 g
Qty 1 x measuring tape 5 m
Qty 1 x telescopic joint inspection mirror
Qty 3 x needle files
Qty 1 x spring puller
Qty 1 x bristle brush
Qty 1 x pen oiler
Qty 1 x snap - off blade utility knife
Qty 1 x self - locking tool
Qty 1 x soldering iron 25 W
Qty 1 x de - soldering pump
Qty 1 x LED inspection torch