Beta 96/96N Set of 6 Metric Hexagon Allen Keys

Product Code : B000960370
Product Brand : Beta Tools
EAN:  8014230025186
£8.80 + VAT
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The 96 Series offset hex/allen keys from Beta Tools are designed for professional use. Available in satin-finish chrome plating which looks great and wipes down easily after use, or the black oxide/burnished finish which is tough, looks great and lasts a lifetime.

This set includes the following six metric sizes (short leg): 
2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm

All 6 keys are on a keyring holder. The holder springs open easily for removing a key, but the keys have enough freedom of movement that you can use them without removing them from the ring.   

The keys are held to the ring by a retainer installed on the extended leg. This prevents the use of the extended leg. 

Weight 140g

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