Beta M112 Soft Thermoformed Tray with Tool Assortment

Product Code : B024500112
Product Brand : Beta Tools
EAN:  8014230730608
£204.00 + VAT
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The Beta Tools M112 Soft Thermoformed Tray with Tool Assortment is designed for use with all roller cabinets and trolleys.

Note: The heights of drawers C1 & C2 are shown in order to choose the most suitable thermoformed tray (see diagram for reference).   

Tray Contents:
bits for Torx® head screws 1/4-T6÷T15
bits for Torx® head screws 5/16-T20÷T55
socket holder 1/4x1/4
socket holder 5/16x1/2
1/4" sockets for Torx® head screws 1/4-E4÷E10
1/2" sockets for Torx® head screws 1/2-E12÷E24
1/2” drive, socket drivers for Torx® head screws 1/2-T55L-T60-T70L

Recommended Drawer: C2

The tray can also be purchased alone, please select from the drop down list.

Weight 1.3kg